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Kristen and I are true lovers of coffee. We are always looking for the perfect combination of flavor & aroma in everything we drink, cook & savor. Coffee is our morning ritual - sometimes nightly! Now we get a chance to try beans from all over the world, select single origin roasts, create custom blends we love...and have them roasted fresh here in Charleston, SC.

Our Coffee

All of our coffee is fresh-roasted in Charleston and we never have old coffee sitting around waiting to be sold. We pride ourselves on continuously learning about our customers and our industry so we can be the best at what we do to serve you better. This process & practice allows us to give you an amazing coffee experience every time! 

In a sea of coffee options, you chose us so we want to show our appreciation by providing an excellent product.

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We love espresso. But we also love taking a perfectly dark roasted espresso bean and making either a French press or pour over coffee with it. Enjoy our Graylove Espresso in any way you like. It is dark and delicious, but the bittersweet chocolate notes are balanced with a light sweetness.

Our first blend is a tribute to Michael's passion for trading. Trader's Joe is his way of honoring the thousands of traders that he teaches how to trade and who enjoy their coffee while trading.

We've selected a unique combination of Central and South American beans, producing a perfectly balanced, rich and nutty cup of joe with notes of citrus and chocolate.

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